About Me and My Blog


Welcome to my blog!  I love writing, reading and great stories of all genres.  I was a scientist in my previous life but I’ve always been a writer.  I’m just getting started in blogging and I’m rather clueless about the whole blogging business including the technical aspects.

I started this blog to showcase my writing but realized soon after starting that the writing I intended to be doing was not my cup of tea.  I love writing novels.

I’ve written 3 novels but never even tried to publish the last 2.  That was back in the stone age before e-readers and self-publishing were even a thing.  The internet was in its infancy.

After my first novel, which I freely admit was just awful, and before my next two,  I was fortunate enough to have 3 novel writing classes.  They were in an actual classroom with a successful published author.  I learned a lot!

I’m a bit rusty but I’ve started my 4th novel and this blog has been transformed into a platform for showcasing my creative writing.  Did I mention I’m a bit rusty?  

Thank you to the few followers that I have for sticking around while I bumbled around in the dark getting to this point.  Happy writing!