Monkey Business

I gazed around the dump that doubled as an apartment and office on this godforsaken planet on the outer edge of the galaxy and asked myself for the hundredth time what the hell I was doing here. The “Killer Monkey” was a ridiculous moniker the news agencies had given the monster responsible for a hundred kills.

My bounty hunting business was hurting. The bonus on this killer was too big to pass up. His M.O. was always different and he was so elusive. I tapped out my credits on a hunch he would strike here next. I saw a pattern.

The monster had a penchant for bounty hunters. Another detail overlooked. Only twenty of his kills had been bounty hunters. I believed they were his targets. The other kills were to draw them out.

I headed to the local bars that night. I hit everyone within walking distance dropping my name and my business. Walking back I felt uneasy. I could feel someone or something watching me but I made it back to my apartment.

There was a knock on my door. I laughed when I saw a purple toy monkey sitting there. Someone’s idea of a joke, I thought. I started to close the door when the toy morphed into a seven-foot purple monkey with a blaster.

I dove behind my desk as it fired the first shot. I fired two shots hitting him center mass. It didn’t slow him down. I fired again hitting him between the eyes. He went down but he was still moving. I approached him kicking away his blaster. I fired three more shots to his head. He stopped moving. I bound him anyway.

Then I said out loud, “No one is going to believe this shit.”

This started out at about 400 words but I had to shave off about 100 words to enter it into a contest. Guess what…I won!

2 thoughts on “Monkey Business”

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve been behind in posting and reading the blogs I follow because of NaNoWriMo. This is the first flash fiction I’ve entered in a contest and was shocked when I won. I hope you’re writing is going well. I’ll catch up on your blog because I really enjoy your writing. Take care of yourself and your family.


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