Hurricanes & Earthquakes & Politics, Oh My

This month has been incredibly insane. The events that have occurred have made me want to bury myself under my bedcovers and a ton of pillows and not come out until October.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Katia combined with the Earthquake in Mexico (their worst in almost 100 years) have wreaked havoc through the Caribbean, Mexico, and the southeastern U.S. The deaths and destruction left in the wake of these disasters are devastating and heartbreaking. Recovery, for some areas, will take years. Some areas will never recover.

Millions of lives were affected by these tragedies, but it was very personal for me. My youngest daughter was trapped by floodwaters for days without electricity. There was no way I could get to her. That was terrifying and frustrating.

I had several friends that only survived because they were rescued by the National Guard. I also have friends that lost everything but their lives and the clothes on their back.

As if that weren’t enough to send me diving under those pillows, there’s the escalating rhetoric between Trump and Kim Jung Un. North Korea just tested their most powerful nuclear bomb yet and launched another ballistic missile over Japan. Add to that the dismantling of DACA, having it restored Wednesday night, followed by a reversal bright and early Thursday morning. I won’t mention the rest of the insanity in Washington because that would take too long.

One last item that I will mention is Hurricane Jose. It weakened to a tropical storm, but now it’s expected to strengthen to hurricane force again and the path is moving west toward the U.S.

Since I don’t have a 1950’s style underground bomb shelter, I haven’t found the yellow brick road and I’m positive there’s no Glenda the Good Witch to wave her wand and solve all the problems in the world, that pile of pillows is looking pretty enticing. Maybe I’ll try under the bed. The dust bunnies aren’t great conversationalists, but they’re really good listeners.

3 thoughts on “Hurricanes & Earthquakes & Politics, Oh My”

  1. I hear ya. And then there are the fires… It’s October now, and as if the rest of the wildfires across the U.S. hasn’t been enough, now it’s California. Pillows, blanket tent, cat, and books all sound good to me! Sorry to hear of so much loss in your family and with your friends.

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