I’ve been slogging through the first 6 chapters of my travel writing course and honestly the first 5 seemed more like a sales pitch than actual instructions.  I’ve spent practically  every waking hour for three days on this and I have a ton of ideas for articles.  I’ve read a lot of travel articles by professionals in various magazines and online publications.  Frankly, I found more than a few that were just boring as hell.  Some, however, made me want to jump on the next plane headed that direction.

Then there’s the work of trying to find a publisher that would be a good fit for these articles.  It’s tedious at times but I’m committed to this and it’s not as tedious as detangling the Codes of Federal Regulations or writing a Patent.

Then there is this exercise where you describe something without using adjectives–or at least as few as possible.  How do you do that?  I’m working on it.  Goodbye adjectives!  I’ll miss you but I still love you.


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